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Investing/trading may seem difficult, but it does NOT have to be! Our investment fundamentals video course filters out unnecessary and conflicting information by teaching you EXACTLY what you need to know before you begin trading/investing profitably. This course is the perfect starting point for any aspiring investors/traders. Beginner investors have a difficult time learning correct information that is conducive to success. This is because many investing website provide an overabundance of low-quality, contradictory information that is confusing to those just starting out. This course provides a compendium of MUST KNOW information that all beginners should learn before they begin investing with real funds!

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 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Course Content

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Terminology Part: 1
Terminology Part: 2
Types of Investors
Money Management
Constructing an Investment Plan
Market Conditions
Selecting an Online Broker
Investing Psychology
Important Tips