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learn how to beat the market with TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

develop your trading edge with techniques that work. Technical analysis does not have to be difficult!



Simple Techniques That Beat The Market

Technical analysis does not have to be difficult! Simple Techniques That Beat the Market is a practical guide to using simple and transparent indicators to achieve greater profitability, all while using a workable approach.

Are you struggling to “figure” out the market? Do you go on cold streaks more often than you would like? Do you want to add an ace up your sleeve and use it on every trade or stock investment? Have you heard of technical analysis, but are having trouble figuring out what techniques you need to learn? Maybe you understand technical analysis but have difficulty applying the techniques or finding the ones that work best for your trading plan?

Don’t give up! Simple Techniques That Beat the Market focuses on the practical with techniques that actually work. With over 90 illustrations and a host of simplified instructions, you will be walked through the examples step-by-step that show you exactly when, why, and how to use the most optimal, time-tested techniques and indicators.

Technical Analysis Does NOT Have to be Difficult! We can help you master the techniques that WORK!

market timing

Timing the market to increase profitability requires knowledge and skill. A great place to start is with our companion video course to the book “Simple Techniques That Beat the Market.” The video platform works especially well for analyzing real-world stock charts. 

Develop Your Trading Edge

Beginner trading strategies use a simple approach to trading. We focus on beginner and advanced tools and indicators that are both easy to use and easy to execute. When used in combination, these tools will give you the edge you you need.

Books Courses and Community

Our goal is to provide you with the resources and support you need to become a better and more profitable trader. Become a member of our discord community by joining here. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking here.

Coaching and Mentoring

Are you new to the stock market and eager to learn how to trade? Are you a seasoned trader that wants to further develop their understanding of technical analysis? Are you looking to refine your trading strategy? A trading mentor can be the answer. For one on one support, contact Brandon at
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About Kioseff Trading

At Kioseff Trading, we love helping traders learn technical analysis, and the
genuine camaraderie that occurs as a result. After all, it truly is Traders vs.
Market, and we do not like watching the market beat our fellow traders. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with continuous learning opportunities to guide you on your journey to becoming a successful trader! Anyone can be a successful trader, however, you must be willing to put in the time, effort, and diligence to become one. Traders can spend years mastering their craft, bouncing between trading strategies and analytical techniques until they finally develop a profitable trading plan. We will expedite this process for you, by teaching you what works, how it works and when it works.

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Meet The Team

Brandon is an enthusiastic reader, writer, Pinescript Programmer, and trader who is the author of “Simple Techniques that Beat the Market”.

He trades from his home in sunny San Diego, California, and enjoys applying analytical techniques to build algorithmic trading systems that systematically capitalize on price fluctuations. Brandon loves seeing the joy of someone as they figure out something for the first time or overcome a seemingly perpetual obstacle that was keeping them stuck.

Brandon believes the average retail trader should implement a mechanical trading system to alleviate emotional biases and analysis paralysis.

Skylar is a skilled analyst, programmer, the co-creator of Kioseff Trading and a loving husband/father.

He trades from his home in Fenton, Michigan, and has a natural talent for capitalizing on market price fluctuations in the absence of an automated trading system. Skylar is determined to build a community of like-minded retail traders who can, not only survive, but thrive as traders.

Skylar believes a consistent analytical approach with a positive expected outcome is the key to succeeding as a retail trader.